Best Play to Earn Crypto Games in 2023

Play-to-earn crypto games are one of the hottest new blockchain offerings in 2023. With these games, players can collect NFT characters and trading cards that have resale value within the game. Many crypto games also let you earn cryptocurrency as you play.

Dozens of play-to-earn crypto games have launched in the past year. In this guide, we’ll review the 10 best crypto games you can try in 2023.

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The 10 Best Crypto Games for 2023

We’ve played a wide variety of crypto games to bring you our 10 favorite blockchain games you can try today:

  1. Lucky Block – Best play to earn crypto game for lottery fans in 2023
  2. Tamadoge – Best play to earn crypto game overall
  3. Battle Infinity – Best site for investing in NFT presales
  4. Silks – Exciting P2E game with passive income potential
  5. Light Nite X – Fortnite-like multiplayer with Bitcoin rewards
  6. Police and Thief – Mint a Thief NFT and claim $LOOT
  7. Cryptopop – Candy Crush Blockchain game
  8. Gods Unchained – Best crypto trading card game
  9. Bomb Crypto – Earn BCOIN tokens as you play
  10. Spider Tanks – Best free crypto game in 2023
  11. Axie Infinity – Best crypto game for Pokemon fans
  12. Blankos Block Party – Build your own NFT character

A Closer Look at the Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

Wondering which of the best play-to-earn crypto games is right for you? We’ll explain what makes each of these NFT games stand out.

1. Lucky Block – Best Play to Earn Crypto Game for 2023

Lucky Block crypto gaming

Top of our list when it comes to the best play to earn crypto games is Lucky Block. Lucky Block is a first-of-its-kind crypto gaming platform that leverages the power of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to offer fair and transparent prize draws. These draws are set to occur daily and correlate to the number of people who enter – so the more people who take part, the higher the jackpots.

These prize draws are facilitated through Lucky Block’s web app or mobile app, with the latter available on iOS or Android. The platform’s play-to-earn (P2E) elements revolve around these daily draws, which can be entered by purchasing tickets using LBLOCK – Lucky Block’s native token.

LBLOCK is an exciting asset in and of itself, with investors receiving quadruple-digit returns after it was listed on PancakeSwap earlier this year. Lucky Block also provides pathways for LBLOCK holders to generate a passive income stream through regular dividend payments, simply by connecting their crypto wallet to the Lucky Block app.

Lucky Block

These dividend payments are linked to the number of people who enter Lucky Block’s prize draws – with yields estimated at over 19% per year. In terms of the jackpot draws, winners are chosen entirely at random using the Chainlink VRF service, which provides a provably fair source of randomness.

Finally, Lucky Block even has its own NFT collection, with NFT owners receiving lifetime entry into exclusive prize draws that run concurrently with the platform’s main draws. This means that NFT owners will have two chances every day to win the jackpot. With over 46,000 people now part of Lucky Block’s Telegram group, and over 31,000 followers on the platform’s Twitter account, the hype is certainly building around this exciting P2E game.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. Tamadoge – Best Play to Earn Site for Meme Coins

tamadoge - meme coins nft

If you missed the boat on Shiba Inu and the first wave of Meme Coins, Tamadoge could be the best new play to earn NFT game of 2023 and is worth taking a moment to read up on.

Meme tokens like DOGE and SHIB  are among the fastest-growing crypto-assets of recent years and many investors expect to see them make a return to bullish form in 2023.

Tamadoge itself is a play-to-earn Dogecoin inspired by Tamagotchi. These types of nostalgic Meme Coins may seem like fun and games but don’t be fooled. In very recent memory Shiba Inu, producer of dog meme coins, carried thousands of backers on a ride up the index. One investor saw $8,000 transform into $5.9 billion. Tamadoge has the potential to emulate some of this success.

TAMA – for short – allows players to inhabit the Tamadoge ecosystem and play to earn with Tamadoge NFTs. Level up your Tamadoge by battling against other players, and breed your dog(e) to create new NFTs. The best players each month can claim cash prizes and bonus rewards.

2 billion Tamadoge coins are set to be released on Uniswap and LBank. At present, there’s no cap on the maximum investment and TAMA can be purchased using ETH, USDT, or with cards via Transak.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

3. Battle Infinity – Best Site for NFT Pre-Sales Investment

battle infinity - crypto nft betting site

If you’re interested in testing your skills on the world’s first blockchain NFT-based fantasy sports game, then Battle Infinity is the only place to be. The site is Metaverse-integrated, enabling players to construct their own fantasy teams and duke it out with other aspiring managers the world over.

To back your sports knowledge against opponents for cash prizes, players must enter one of the six Battle Arenas. Currently, the most popular is the IBAT Premier League, which is a fantasy sports game that utilizes Blockchain, and it’s here that you’ll do battle for prizes.

As a further note, players receive NFTs for players added to the roster, meaning the potential is there for future resale value, especially given the recent boom in sports NFTs online.

The currency of choice at Battle Infinity is the $IBAT token, which you use both to stake your bets and to receive your winnings. It’s also possible to spend $IBAT to advertise on the game’s many virtual billboards. Head over to Battle Infinity’s Telegram group to get more information on the $IBAT presales.

4. Silks – Exciting P2E Game with Passive Income Potential

Silks NFT Game

Silks is a new crypto game that brings the excitement of real-world horse racing into the digital world – and gives players a chance to create their own prize-winning horses.

The idea behind Silks is that every year, starting in 2023, the platform mints a new batch of NFT horses. These NFTs are digital twins of real-world thoroughbred horses born the previous year. Each horse has its own characteristics, and its in-game fortunes will depend on how well its real-world twin performs on tracks around the world.

As your horse places in races, you earn $STT, the in-game cryptocurrency, as a reward. You can use $STT for a variety of activities in Silk, including buying new digital horses, building a farm and setting up a breeding operation, and staking it to a digital farm to earn rewards. You can also pool your $STT with other players to own a fractional stake in a rare or frequently winning horse.

Silks also offers a secondary market for horse NFTs, so winning horses can have a lot of value. Breeding ensures that you don’t necessarily have to win races to succeed in the game, either. You can mint new NFTs using your current horses and sell them to new players. In addition, Silks enables players to wager on digital races in the same way you could join in traditional horse race betting.

Silks minted its first crop of horse NFTs this year as digital twins of foals born in 2021. There are currently around 20,000 horses available on Silks.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

5. Light Nite X – Fortnite-like Multiplayer with Bitcoin Rewards

Light Nite X

Light Nite X is a battle royale-style game in the vein of Fortnite. Players are thrown into death matches with other players, where the goal is to shoot and eliminate as many other players as possible while keeping yourself alive. You can play solo or create squads for more exciting match options.

For every player you take out, you earn rewards in Bitcoin. Every time you’re killed by another player, you lose Bitcoin. This simple premise means that the most skilled players stand to win a significant amount of crypto.

All of the in-game assets in Light Nite X, including characters, weapons, and outfits, are NFTs. You can trade them on a rich secondary market to get crypto or upgrade your own play.

6. Police and Thief – Mint a Thief NFT and Claim $LOOT

Police and Thief

Police and Thief is another top crypto game that enables players to earn cryptocurrency as they play. The game revolves around police and thief NFTs, which you can mint when you join the game. Thieves are able to stake and harvest $LOOT, the in-game cryptocurrency, while police receive a 20% cut of all $LOOT harvested by thieves.

To make things more complex, Police and Thief recently introduced the $BRIBE token, which thieves can use to increase their influence within the game. The more influence your thief has with the local police, the less likely you are to get caught and lose your $LOOT.

All police and thieves are unique NFTs, and the game has a strong secondary market in addition to crypto rewards.

7. Cryptopop – Candy Crush Blockchain Game

Cryptopop Game

Cryptopop is one of the best play to earn crypto games for Candy Crush fans. In a lot of respects, the game is identical to Candy Crush. The biggest difference is that instead of matching gems, you match logos from popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin.

Earning rewards with Cryptopop is simple. Just play, and the more points you earn from matching logos, the more cryptocurrency you receive. Cryptopop offers rewards in Ethereum and PopCoin. There are no NFTs to worry about, which can be a good thing if you don’t want to navigate a secondary marketplace to cash out of the game.

8. Gods Unchained – Best Crypto Trading Card Game

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a crypto trading card game developed by Chris Clay, the former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena. It very much follows in the footsteps of Magic. The goal of the game is to build a deck of powerful cards and deploy them against opponents in strategic battles.

Gods Unchained is free to get started with since anyone can sign up and get a starter deck at no cost. The game is very strategy-dependent, so you don’t necessarily need to have the most powerful or rarest cards to win.

What makes Gods Unchained one of the best P2E crypto games is that all of the trading cards are NFTs. You earn the in-game $GODS token when you win matchups, and you can use this to purchase better cards on a secondary marketplace while selling your old cards. You can also purchase the $GODS token at a crypto exchange like

9. Bomb Crypto – Earn $BCOIN Token as You PlayBomb Crypto Game

Bomb Crypto is an exciting multiplayer crypto game where players can battle monsters and fight with other players. The game runs on $BCOIN, an in-game token that can be used to purchase new character NFTs. $BCOIN is also important for combat since players have to put up crypto in order to join a fight. The winner of these battle royale-style fights gets to take the entire pot of $BCOIN.

Bomb Crypto also offers exciting missions where players can uncover new character NFTs. These rescue missions, as they’re called in the game, require a mix of skill and luck to uncover potentially valuable characters.

10. Spider Tanks – Best Free Crypto Game in 2023

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is one of the best free-play-to-earn crypto games. Anyone can join Spider Tanks and claim a basic tank, which itself is an NFT. From there, you’re free to participate in all-out battles with other players and begin earning tokens as you win.

You can then use crypto in Spider Tanks to purchase upgrades like new armor or weapons. All of the assets in Spider Tanks are NFTs, so they have resale value in the game’s secondary market.

The in-game graphics in Spider Tanks are worth checking out, too. The game uses the Unreal Engine to create a highly realistic battle environment, and it suits the fast-moving play extremely well. The only catch is that Spider Tanks is not available for mobile play at this time.

11. Axie Infinity – Best Crypto Game for Pokemon Fans

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is perhaps the best-known crypto game in 2023. It’s exploded in popularity and now has more than 2 million players every day.

Axie Infinity is similar in gameplay to Pokemon. The goal of the game is to collect Axies, cute characters that have special powers. You can explore the Axie Infinity universe to discover new Axies, or battle other players with your Axies along the way.

Every Axie is an NFT, and the game’s secondary market is extremely active. You earn $SLP, Smooth Love Potion token, as you explore and play, and you can use this to purchase Axies from other players. $SLP is also available on crypto exchanges like Binance.

11. Blankos Block Party – Build Your Own NFT Character

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a choose-your-own-adventure game created by vaunted game studio Mythical Games. The game allows you to go on solo quests to explore the Blankos metaverse or to create squads and participate in block party games.

The focus is less on battle or combat, and more on exploring and having a good time. So, Blankos Block Party can appeal to players who want to try games to earn crypto but don’t want a battle royale.

Within Blankos Block Party, every character is an NFT so this is also an NFT project. You have the ability to create your own custom character when you join the game, and it immediately has resale value on the platform’s secondary market. In addition, the team behind Blankos Block Party has partnered with designers to introduce a set of valuable, vibrant characters you can collect.

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Where to Buy Crypto Coins & In-Game Assets for Blockchain Games

While there are a handful of free crypto games to play, most require you to purchase a starter pack or put up cryptocurrency in order to start playing. Since these games have their own in-game tokens, that often means that you have to purchase these tokens from an exchange in order to play.

So, where can you buy incrypto gaming coins for the top crypto games? We’ll review 2 of the top exchanges you can use today.

1. eToro – Overall Best Crypto Exchange for 2023

eToro Crypto

eToro is one of the best crypto exchanges you can use to buy and sell cryptocurrency right now. At eToro, you’ll find a selection of more than 50 cryptocurrencies, including gaming-relevant coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Chainlink, Avalanche, and more.

eToro is one of the only exchanges that doesn’t charge extra fees when you fund your account with a debit card or credit card. You can even buy crypto with PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill on eToro. The exchange only requires a $10 minimum deposit and you pay a fixed 1% fee every time you buy or sell cryptocurrency.

While you may not be interested in trading if you just want to buy a crypto game coin, it’s worth pointing out that eToro also has tons of tools for actively trading crypto. You’ll find detailed technical charts, expert analysis, price alerts, and even a built-in social network where traders can discuss the latest crypto news.

Notably, eToro also offers stock investing. You can invest in a wide variety of crypto-related companies, including the best crypto investment, Nakamoto games.

eToro is regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and is considered very trustworthy. The exchange offers 24/7 customer support by phone and email.


  • Buy and sell 50+ cryptocurrencies
  • Fixed 1% fee with no extra credit/debit charges
  • $10 minimum deposit
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Offers few in-game cryptos for purchase

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. – Best Exchange to Find Crypto Game Coins App is the best crypto exchange to visit if you want to buy the in-game tokens used by many of the best crypto games. At, you can buy tokens for Axie Infinity as well as for up-and-coming games like Star Atlas, Illuvium, and Splinterlands. While these games haven’t fully launched, players can get a head start on them by buying tokens at offers cryptocurrencies with no fees other than the spread. That makes it one of the cheapest exchanges around, and you can buy crypto with a debit card, credit card, or bank transfer.

This exchange also has tons of extra features that make it easier to manage your cryptocurrency. For example, offers an integrated crypto wallet that enables you to quickly swap from one crypto game coin to another. It also has crypto savings accounts and an NFT marketplace. If you’re interested in combining crypto gaming with DeFi applications, it’s hard to beat


  • Wide range of crypto gaming tokens
  • No fees other than spread to buy and sell cryptos
  • Integrated crypto wallet
  • Offers crypto savings accounts


  • Exchange only available via mobile app

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

How Do Play to Earn Games Work?

Play to earn games have a lot in common with traditional video games. Players can join in battle royale-style fights, compete against one another in strategic card games, or explore virtual worlds and go on quests along the way.

The biggest difference between play to earn games and traditional games is that P2E games offer crypto rewards for specific actions in the game. You could earn crypto rewards for winning a battle, for example, or for completing an in-game mission.

These crypto rewards can be swapped for any other cryptocurrency at an exchange like, making them just as good as cash. Alternatively, you can use your crypto to purchase in-game assets.

Many of the best blockchain games also incorporate NFTs. Characters and other assets are one-of-a-kind NFTs that you can collect and resell in a game’s secondary market. So, as you play and build your character or card deck, you are also building up collectibles with potential resale value.

Types of Blockchain Games

There are several different types of blockchain games that you can play to earn crypto.

One popular type of game is the battle royale. Games in this category include Spider Tanks, Light Nite X, and Bomb Crypto. These games pit multiple players against one another in free-for-all or team matchups, and the last player standing can win a pot of crypto as a prize.

Another type of game involves NFT trading cards. Games like Gods Unchained fall into this category, and they typically require good strategy in addition to a comprehensive card deck. These games benefit from a strong secondary market where players can buy and sell cards to add to their decks.

Other games, like Axie Infinity and Blankos Block Party, focus more on exploration than on combat. These games enable you to develop collections of NFT characters, so they’re ideal for players who find the process of building up a collection of rare and interesting NFTs fulfilling.

Several metaverse platforms have even introduced blockchain-backed casino games. For example, you can play ICE poker in the Decentraland metaverse.

Benefits of Playing Crypto Games

In addition to simply being a lot of fun, there are several benefits to playing the best crypto games.

First, you can earn crypto playing games. All of the best crypto games offer rewards in the form of in-game cryptocurrency to players who win matchups, take on quests, or explore the game universe. As we said earlier, this crypto can be swapped for coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum at any major exchange, so it has real value.

You can also collect valuable NFTs when you play P2E crypto games. Many of these games offer randomly minted NFTs when you sign up, and there’s always a chance that you could get a valuable character or card right off the bat. Even if you don’t, there are plenty of opportunities to discover new NFTs as you explore the game universe. These NFTs can be resold on secondary markets in exchange for crypto.

Where to Play Blockchain Games

Most of the best crypto games are hosted on just a handful of blockchains, including the Ethereum, Solana, and Avalanche blockchains. However, you don’t need to know which blockchain a game is hosted on in order to play it.

To play P2E crypto games, just head to the game’s website. Most sites have installation links for Mac and PCs, links to download crypto games for iOS and Android devices, or a web launcher for games that can be played in your browser.

Upcoming Play to Earn Games

While the 10 best crypto games offer a great place to start playing, it’s also worth keeping an eye on some new releases that are expected later this year. Here are a few top games to watch for:

1. Silks – Bringing Horse Racing into the Digital WorldSilks Horses

We covered Silks above as the best new crypto game in 2023. While the game is now offering early access, it’s still under development. Silks expects to fully launch later this year, and a new crop of digital horses in 2023 will expand the availability of the game for more players.

Silks is one of the only crypto games that blends the physical and digital worlds, so it’s quite an exciting game to look forward to. Each digital horse in the game is a twin of a real-world horse, and their successes are linked to one another. While you can’t control which horse you get when you sign up for Silks, a secondary market and support for breeding enables you to work your way towards a rare winning horse.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.

2. Star Atlas – Massive Space Metaverse Game

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is one of the most highly anticipated crypto game releases of 2022. This game looks to dramatically expand the space metaverse genre by introducing an entirely new universe. Players can explore this virtual universe to collect rare NFTs. You can also battle with other players, mine for resources to invest in in-game assets, or develop new planets cooperatively.

As the game develops, Star Atlas plans to offer quests and missions with player vs. environment challenges. The only drawback is that the game will launch without a free version available.

3. RaceFi – Auto Racing on the Blockchain


RaceFi is an interactive auto racing game that allows you to test your driving skills in the metaverse. In this new crypto game, players can design NFT cars and race them in tournaments or free-for-all competitions. Cars can be fully customized using a variety of in-game assets, and RaceFi’s virtual universe offers a seemingly limitless number of tracks to race on.

RaceFi is built on Solana, so we expect the graphics and speed to be outstanding. The game is expected to fully launch in mid-2022.

Play to Earn Games on iOS & Android

Many of today’s best crypto games are available for iOS and Android mobile devices. In fact, some crypto games like Cryptopop are only available for mobile devices.

Crypto games for Android and iOS offer the same in-game experience you could get on a desktop. In addition, many games offer specialized controls to make playing on a small screen easier. You can download mobile crypto games from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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Bitcoin Mobile Casinos
Bitcoin Dice Games
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Crypto games can be a lot of fun to play, and they can also earn you crypto and NFTs at the same time. Now that you know the 10 best crypto games for 2023, it’s time to pick your favorite and get started!

While some of these games are free, you will need crypto to begin playing most of them. Check out Lucky Block to buy more than 50 popular cryptocurrencies with a credit card, debit card, or e-wallet.

Cryptoassets are a highly volatile unregulated investment product.


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